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All It Took Was a Pandemic to Get Bierstadt to Package Beer

The owners of Bierstadt Lagerhaus aren’t known for compromising. They make traditional German-style lagers in a traditional way, and they have always taken a hard line against packaging them in cans or bottles. 

“We believe very strongly in drinking draft beer. It is a better experience than a packaged beer, especially considering the kind of beer we make — delicate and nuanced,” says co-owner and brewer Ashleigh Carter. But on April 11, Bierstadt will pour about 25 barrels each of two classics — Slow Pour Pils and Helles — into four-packs of sixteen-ounce cans. 
All it took was a global pandemic to get them to do it.


Best Colorado Beer: The Favorite Beers and Breweries in 2019

A year ago, Bierstadt Lagerhaus finished as a finalist in two different categories, so it’s no surprise to see it rise to the top in 2019. The brewery in Denver’s River North neighborhood makes German lagers in the Reinheitsgebot purity law tradition in an 87-year-old copper brew kettle. And the brewery’s Slow Pour Pils is one of the best beers in the state but too often overlooked by the hordes who want the latest, craziest IPA or stout on the market.

The predicted trend toward lagers and pilsners from our 2018 survey sure proved true, but few — if any — could match the stylistic perfection that pours from Bierstadt taps.


It’s Oktoberfest Season. You Know What That Means…

We have officially released our Oktoberfest Marzen as of September 21st! I may be biased, but our Oktoberfest is my favorite of all of our seasonal releases! For more great fall beers, here is a great article from Mark Thieson of Coronado Brewing Co.

What makes a perfect fall beer? Is it a malty and refreshing, highly drinkable Märzen? How about a rich brown ale? Maybe, if you’re like us, you like to climb out of the summery IPA pool and dive headfirst into the world of darker stouts and porters. If you’re still enjoying the last warm evenings by sitting around a roaring fire, you might want to up the smoke ante and grab for a seasonally appropriate smoked beer. That is… if you think you’re up for it.